ishacool, pandypolo vs candired

okay guys i think that everyone has heard about whats going on but here it is for those who dont....

candired is saying that ishacool is cheating on MSP and is not playing fair in the form in not always giving people the gifts she offers  (you can see the proof on candi's blog) and by also using fame cheats to get to the level she is at

Ishacool is obviously saying everything is a lie (everything on her blog) and saying that what candi is doing is cyber-bullying 

My opinion, is that candi has got a point because i have done her wishy deals and have not always got them but to be fair its probably not easy as a lot of people do her deals. But never the less isha if your reading this you are being a bully yourself in a way because every time you write on your wall about someone and saying for them to stop "hatin" in that persons view a LOT of people  will go to that person defending you and being mean to them because of what of you said. i dont think that you understand the power you have on MSP. And for the people on MSP dont be sheep seriously just because some of the higher levels might not like someone does not mean that you need to follow. But thats just my opinion whats yours! :)


King Swag22
01/04/2013 4:47pm

i agree but i also think that they need to stop being defensive over it and get a grip because this is a game its meant to be F.U.N

01/19/2013 8:05pm

I agree with King Swag22 but I am on ishas side but I still like candired everybody should stop cyper bullying because it causes trouble

03/11/2014 9:49pm


03/11/2014 9:51pm

guys ishcool plays for both duh!

03/19/2013 9:17pm

im on candis side but i like isha i think they should stop fighting and forget this ever happened

03/28/2013 8:52am

I really like Candried but there is no way to cheat on Moviestarplanet.Ishacool probobly has lots of money on msp by saving it up not just wasting it but Candired is at the same level and stuff so I dont get wy the have to fall out :(

Ps:add me on msp my name is dannii96sky

10/06/2013 6:13pm

For goodness sake there's no teams in this war that's going on its a flipping game get over it

I hate how people use 'supporters' they just create more war on the game
01/16/2014 10:57pm


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